Integrate - Picqer with Lightspeed Omni
Integrate - Picqer with Lightspeed Omni

Link Picqer to Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) / Omnichannel

Seamless Integration

We provide a stable link

Stock synchronized

Stocks always equal between eCom, Retail and Picqer

Products synchronized

Manage your products in 1 place. Automatic sync to Retail.

Link Picqer to Lightspeed Retail (R-Series)

It is now possible to link Lightspeed Omnichannel / Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) to Picqer. Picqer remains leading in stock and enters mutations in Lightspeed Retail. Conversely, in-store sales are entered into Picqer. New products that appear in Picqer are automatically created in Lightspeed Retail.

Link Picqer to Lightspeed Omnichannel (eCom (C-Series) + Retail (R-Series)

If you purchase Lightspeed's Omnichannel solution now, we first replace Lightspeed's current link between eCom and Retail. Then the Picqer app can be installed on eCom and we take care of the link with Retail. Again, Picqer is leading the inventory.

About Picqer

With Picqer you have a handy overview with all the information about your warehouse. You can easily link all your sales channels and resources to Picqer. In addition, all information is shared in real time with different departments within your company. This allows you to maintain constant control over your warehouse processes.

Picqer is specifically designed to seamlessly fit the needs of online stores. With Picqer, you never have to worry about managing your inventory again. As soon as an order arrives, Picqer is on standby to guide you in checking the products delivered and adding them to your inventory effortlessly.

Picqer has the ability to keep track of your inventory with extreme accuracy, even when it is scattered across several locations. Whether it's your main warehouse, remote storage facilities or other places where your inventory is located, Picqer keeps everything organized and clear.They also take you by the hand when it comes to efficiently managing your inventory in different locations. You are guided to the right locations in the right order. So you save time, minimize errors and make sure you always know exactly where your products are.

Our service

A regular contact person

During the project you will have a regular contact person who will do the intake, discuss progress and take care of the delivery.

Response within 1 day

If you have any questions or comments during or after the project, we will respond within 1 business day.

Coffee is ready

You can always stop by for a cup of coffee, cozy!

Sparring partner

Challenge us with a new challenge you are facing, we would love to think with you.

Question & Answer

Will my eCom orders be processed in retail?

Yes, you can find these in your reporting in Lightspeed retail.

Can I also install other apps in my eCom now

Yes, you can now install other apps besides the Picqer app that require write permissions on the product catalog.

What is the lead time for implementing this link?

The average implementation lead time is 2 weeks.

How quickly do you process inventory?

Within 1 minute. Every 4 hours we do an additional check where Picqer is leading.

What is the process of implementation like?

After agreeing to the offer, one of our implementation managers will contact you to go through the implementation. What are the steps, and are there any specific wishes? Based on the planning, we take the steps towards going live together. On the day we go live, our team is ready to solve any problems immediately. After going live, we remain available to answer any questions.

Is your question not listed?

If so, please contact us.

Professional solutions,
fixed prices


Linking only Lightspeed Retail with Picqer.

from €50/month

Implementation from €1150,-

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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Replace current Omnichannel and link to Picqer.

from €50/month

Implementation v.a. €2500,-

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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Filling empty SKUs, data manupulation, etc.

from €250

Contact us for options

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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