Pair Mirakl with Shopify
Pair Mirakl with Shopify

Synchronizes inventory and orders with your Shopify store

Stock link

Keep inventory up to date in Mirakl. Don't miss an order and avoid cancellations.

Automatic order processing

Orders are automatically imported from Mirakl into Shopify. Never miss a shipping deadline again.

Efficient and always up to date

An efficient process minimizes storage costs and streamlines shipping from to customers.

Pair Mirakl with Shopify

Sales through marketplaces have grown tremendously in recent years. Mirakl enables marketplaces for brands, retailers and distributors to build platforms that sell both their own products and third-party inventory. Major eCommerce players have a marketplace model at their core, such as:, Decathlon, Amazon, MediaMarkt and FonQ. Mirakl offers its customers - mainly large enterprises - to easily build a platform. The originally French platform is also playing an increasing role across borders.

What marketplaces are running on Mirakl?

Within and outside the Netherlands, Mirakl is used by quite a few well-known brands. The following marketplaces, among others, run it in the Netherlands and Belgium:

- Blokker Connect!

- Carrefour

- Conforma

- Conrad

- Darty

- Darty / Fnac

- Decathlon

- Douglas

- Fnac

- FonQ

- Home24

- Inno


- Leen Bakker

- Maison Du Monde

- MediaMarkt

- Obelink

- PcComponents

- Praxis

- Praxis / Brico

- Showroomprive

- VTwonen

- ePrice

Synchronize orders and inventory between Mirakl and your Shopify store

Seamless Link between Shopify and Mirakl: Optimize your e-commerce strategy with Duxly

Want to take your e-commerce business to the next level? Find out how the Shopify/Mirakl link gives you ultimate control over inventory and order management. At Duxly, we understand that running an online store is more than just selling products; it's about seamlessly managing your entire business, from inventory to customer service.

Stock link: assortment always up to date

With our inventory link, we seamlessly connect your Shopify webshop to your suppliers' inventory through Mirakl. You get real-time insight into inventory levels and can communicate this directly to your customers. This not only allows you to offer a wider range of products, but also enables dropshipment and cross-docking. You can even continue to offer products when your own stock runs out!

Order linking: automation at its best

The automated order link sends orders directly from Mirakl to your store. This eliminates the need for physical storage and maintenance, reducing your operational costs. In addition, our solution provides cross-dock functionality, allowing you to sell products without stocking them in advance.

What makes Mirakl special?

Mirakl is not just another marketplace platform. It is used by big names in the e-commerce world such as, Decathlon, and MediaMarkt. The French platform makes it easy for businesses to build a multi-vendor marketplace, where you can sell both your own and third-party products.

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Question & Answer

Can I link multiple suppliers with my webshop?

Yes, you can integrate an unlimited number of vendors, as long as those vendors share the desired information via FTP or API.

What is cross-dock?

Cross-docking is a logistics method in which products are distributed directly from the supplier or manufacturer to a customer or retail chain. In this process, inbound freight is transferred directly to an outbound shipment, eliminating the need for warehousing. The distribution center acts more as a sorting center than a warehouse. In practice, it is a hub where inventory is quickly processed and passed through the shipping process.

Can I adjust the frequency of updates?

Certainly, we can update up to 1x per minute.

Is it always necessary to do an inventory?

No. If you have already obtained the necessary documentation (in login data) from the supplier and we can get started right away, we will skip this step.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce fulfillment method in which a store does not have to stock the products it sells. Instead, the store places an order with the supplier or wholesaler as soon as a customer makes a purchase. The supplier ships the product directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for the store to store inventory or manage shipments itself. Dropshipping requires good cooperation between the store and the supplier for efficient delivery.

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