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We go to work for you, so we always do this in a consultative and personal way.

‍Fast and efficient

Put our automation processes and years of experience to work for your move.

Lightspeed and Shopify

We are Lightspeed and Shopify and create many custom solutions for this.

Link warehouse software, a supplier or something completely different to your web shop.

We are very familiar with the API and backend of both Lightspeed and Shopify. We develop custom solutions to synchronize data once or continuously in order to automate parts of the work process. We also like to think along with the business case. What is it worth to automate something? Herein we can create a solution for every problem that is partially or fully automated.

Experienced Lightspeed and Shopify partner

Duxly has been a Lightspeed partner for many years and has been developing on Shopify for the past two years. Thanks to our short lines and good relationship with Lightspeed and Shopify, we can support you at lightning speed with the setup of your custom link.

Our service

A regular contact person

During the project you will have a regular contact person who will do the intake, discuss progress and take care of the delivery.

Response within 1 day

If you have any questions or comments during or after the project, we will respond within 1 business day.

Coffee is ready

You can always stop by for a cup of coffee, cozy!

Sparring partner

Challenge us with a new challenge you are facing, we would love to think with you.

Question & Answer

How do I know what it will cost?

During the intake we go through your wishes and can give an indication based on these wishes. Questions that come up during the intake: how many products need to be updated, how often, which/how many fields, what does the source data look like, is data manipulation needed, etc.

What can I do?

It helps tremendously to already arrange the relevant documentation/access with the party you want to link with. We can then start working on this immediately.

How can I already prepare the business case myself?

See how many products and/or orders are involved and calculate how much time you spend manually. Includes correcting errors by manual entry.

How will the project proceed?

After the intake we will start an investigation into the possibilities. In the conversation that follows we will inform you about this and together we can make choices. If the specification is clear, we will get to work. When development is ready we will test the link extensively and let you know when everything is ready.

What types of couplings are possible?

We link everything related to inventory, orders and product information (delivery times, purchase price, etc.). If the information is available in a feed, we can process it in your shop.

Is your question not listed?

If so, please contact us.

Professional solutions,
fixed prices


Research opportunities

from €500

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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Implementation desired solution

from €1,250.

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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Monthly Fee

If the solution is live

from €50 per month

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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