Integrate - with your dealers
Integrate - with your dealers

Short (automated) lines of communication with your dealers.


Link unlimited dealers to your own system.


Your orders, stocks delivery times are always right, everywhere and for everyone.


Always good consultation and personalization.

Create a Dealer Portal

As a supplier or manufacturer, you are always looking for how to best meet the needs of your dealers and keep your business running optimally/profitably. A balance, so to speak, to keep both positive.

We see in practice that there is a lot to gain for both, in automating orders, inventory and delivery times. It may be that a large dealer places a lot of orders for you and that these orders take a lot of time to process. You can automate this inexpensively. Start today.

Experienced Partner

Duxly has been a Lightspeed Partner of several dealers at the forefront of automation for many years. We see that especially out of their needs, a link is made to suppliers, such as factories. Now it is the turn of leading factories that want to do dealer-centric business.

Whether it's dealer friendliness or sales growth to the next level, Duxly is the party to make it happen with

Our service

A regular contact person

During the project you will have a regular contact person who will do the intake, discuss progress and take care of the delivery.

Response within 1 day

If you have any questions or comments during or after the project, we will respond within 1 business day.

Coffee is ready

You can always stop by for a cup of coffee, cozy!

Sparring partner

Challenge us with a new challenge you are facing, we would love to think with you.

Question & Answer

What platform are you setting up the Dealer Portal on?

This is on the Lightspeed platform, we then connect your suppliers to this platform. Your suppliers don't necessarily have to work with Lightspeed.

Are you thinking about linking the Dealer portal to my current infrastructure?

Of course, we look at the overall picture and the possibilities of connecting everything in an efficient way.

How is implementation going?

We start with an analysis of the current infrastructure to determine where the most value can currently be added. This can also be done in several phases. Then we start the implementation and after the testing phase we deliver the new functionality. Staff training can also be provided if required.

Can I also start with just a stock link?

Sure. We recommend building this step by step and starting with an inventory link. You can then also synchronize delivery times, rates, orders and new products.

Can I link an unlimited number of dealers?

Yes, you can connect as many dealers as you want.

Is your question not listed?

If so, please feel free to contact us.

Professional solutions,
fixed prices


Research opportunities

from €1,500.

  • Inventory
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  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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Implementation desired solution

from €1,750.

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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Monthly Fee

If the solution is live

from €250 per month

  • Inventory
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