Link - Multishop for Lightspeed
Link - Multishop for Lightspeed

One stock point for all your shops? With our Multishop we link all your webshops to one warehouse or stock point.


Link an unlimited number of web shops to your stock point.


Your stock is always right, everywhere and for everyone.


Always good consultation and personalization.

Link all your web shops to one stock point

Would you like to link multiple web shops to one stock point? We build a custom link that turns your stock point into a MultiShop, to which you can link unlimited webshops. For example, do you have multiple domains (.nl, .de, .be) that all work from the same stock? With MultiShop, your stock is always up-to-date for all your webshops. The stock of a product on one webshop is immediately updated when this same product is purchased on your other webshop. No more hassle with manual updates, disappointed customers and no-sales.

Always, everywhere and up-to-date for everyone!

Experienced Lightspeed Partner

Duxly has been a Lightspeed partner for many years. Lightspeed is the most complete e-Commerce system for retailers who want to grow their (online) business. Thanks to our short lines and good relationship with Lightspeed, we can quickly support you with the set-up of your MultiShop.

MultiShop for Lightspeed

If you are growing and things are going well, that is, of course, absolutely great. However, growth always brings challenges. For example, when you expand online and want to link multiple online shops to your inventory. Because, without that link, your inventory is not real-time up-to-date for all your shops.

Inventory that is not up-to-date leads to problems. For example, an order on one site means a cancellation of an order on another site. You don't want to have to sell your customers no on their order. How do you solve that? Lightspeed itself has no way to solve this in their system. And, manually processing your orders is absolutely not an option if you want to keep growing. You don't keep up with that, it takes a lot of time and you still have a chance of errors. You need an application that links all your shops to your Lightspeed retail and automates the process and can track it in real time. Duxly developed Multishop for Lightspeed clients for this purpose.

We already installed Multishop with many of our customers. They know what it is worth to be up-to-date at all times, everywhere and for everyone. And especially that this automation is a prerequisite for a successful and growing business.

Our service

A regular contact person

During the project you will have a regular contact person who will do the intake, discuss progress and take care of the delivery.

Response within 1 day

If you have any questions or comments during or after the project, we will respond within 1 business day.

Short lines of communication with Lightspeed (if applicable)

We have direct contact with the Lightspeed team to discuss and resolve any issues with them.

Coffee is ready

You can always stop by for a cup of coffee, cozy!

Sparring partner

Challenge us with a new challenge you are facing, we would love to think with you.

Question & Answer

Can I have different prices in my web shops?

Sure, you can manage prices for all your shops on a per-product basis in Lightspeed Retail.

How do you handle returns?

We automatically incorporate these into inventory.

How quickly do you process inventory?

Within 1 minute. Every 4 hours we do an additional check with Lightspeed Retail leading the way.

Are all orders put into retail?

Sure! We register every order from every webshop in Lightspeed Retail so your reports are complete.

Can I also link multiple web shops to multiple stock locations?

Yes, please inquire with us about the possibilities.

Is your question not listed?

If so, please contact us.

Professional solutions,
fixed prices


2 eComs to 1 stock point

from €50 per month

Implementation from €1,250.

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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For each additional shop

from €50 per month

Implementation from €500.

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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Custom coupling

from €50 per month

Implementation from €1,550.

  • Inventory
  • Draw
  • Implementation
  • Manual
  • Short Training
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